Other Poetry

February 2014

Following an unexpected loss of Arts Council funding midway through 2013, Other Poetry is on hiatus while we seek replacement funding from a variety of sources.

We have taken the decision to pause production of the magazine - rather than migrate to a free online edition - as the editors wished to continue with the printed format in which the magazine has appeared since the late 1970s. Copies of Series Four, Numbers 5, 6 and 7 are still available from .

Other Poetry has not ceased publication but will return to print as soon as funding is secured. We are not currently reading submissions of poetry, but can still accept books for review to the editorial address provided publishers understand it isn't possible at this stage to determine when any review might appear.

Thanks for your understanding during this period of transition.

James Roderick Burns
Managing editor


The latest issue

Other Poetry was founded over twenty years ago, and published continuously throughout the 1980s. After a five-year break, it was revived in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1995, and has been publishing, at the rate of three issues a year, ever since. In 2008 it was shortlisted for the Incwriters Outstanding Contribution to Literature (Magazines) Award.

Other Poetry is a magazine dedicated to good poetry in all its forms. As the editors put it, in introducing Issue 4 of the Second Series:

It is in the act of writing that the individual is closest to the live nerve of her or his imagination: closest to both subject and language. We are all categorisers par excellence, and many get through life simply by pigeon-holing. The editors of Other Poetry are hoping to discourage that tendency. They are looking for individual responses to life, in poems of intelligence, sensitivity and skill, whether the writers' names be familiar or new, and irrespective of fashions in subject matter and style.

The magazine is open to anyone with something to say and an interesting way to say it. Evangeline Paterson, the magazine's long-standing editor and champion, underlined this openness in explaining her decision to relaunch the magazine:

We are expressing our right to differ. We are a protest against monopoly and hype. We believe there are many good poems which may not conform to current trends, and we want to see these poems brought into daylight. We believe it is important to maintain outlets, however small, where work can be judged, not by whether it is commercial or fashionable, but by whether it is the authentic stuff of life - perhaps not for everybody, but for somebody; where the work of an unknown writer has as good a chance as that of the established.

The following pages contain a selection of poems from Other Poetry. These poems offer a flavour of the magazine, and underline its commitment to openness and diversity of expression..